The Municipality of Quindici (Italy) received in 2013 the approval by the European Commission of the project named “Joggle”, connected with the European programme "Europe for Citizens". It foresees the involvement of the Municipality of Dorohoi (Romania), Berkovitsa (Bulgaria), Kamez (Albania) e Kucove (Albania).

The JOGGLE project concerns the building of an European network among public and private local actors (public bodies, associations, civil society organizations, experts and so on) acting in the field of legality in order to create a long lasting, structured and multifaceted cooperation to disseminate culture of legality and lawfulness. An opportunity for the 5 involved Municipalities to join together in denouncing illegality, crime and illicit activities in every their forms.

Special attention will be put also on important EU issues, such as:
- 2013 European Year of Citizens
- European Intergenerational Solidarity
- European policies promoted by EU Justice Institutions.

The project will last till summer 2014 and foresees 3 European JOGGLE Conferences, two of them will take place in Quindici (Italy) and one in Albania.

3rd and final JOGGLE Conference
28th - 29th – 30th June 2014

San Filippo Neri Conference Hall - Lauro (Italy)

“I am confident that the third JOGGLE Conference will focus the attention on the strength points on which citizens must count in the hard fight to safeguard the Legality everywhere, in any time.
The main objective is to make participants aware, more motivated and hopeful that it is possible to win all together the battle to establish and defend legality, not only in Italy but also in Albania, Bulgaria and Romania.
JOGGLE initiative is just meeting this challenge and seize this unique opportunity to deliver tangible benefits for the European citizens.”

Liberato Santaniello, Mayor of Quindici Municipality (Italy)
"Final video/DVd is available for citizens.
2000 final Dvds were produced by Joggle project and are distribuited free.
If you are interested to have a free copy, please contact the Municipality of Quindici, promoter of the project, at the following address:
Because of the limited number of the copies at disposal, it will be given priority to the requests by schools until sold out of stock."
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Download POSTER 3rd and final JOGGLE Conference

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  Download PRESS release 3rd and final JOGGLE Conference • 27/06/2014
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